Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Embracing the bus

Okay, not really.

I got a new job. At first I wasn't thrilled since it is on the East Side and takes me an hour and a half to get there whether driving or riding the bus, but I've discovered that the job is actually fantastic.  The people are great, I'm constantly busy, the company seems fabulous, and it is right in downtown Bellevue, so there is a plethora of shopping and eating establishments within spitting distance.  The people watching pretty much sucks, since it is the East Side and everyone either works at a tech company or has just adopted the wardrobe (button up? check.).  If anyone knows of any great stuff to do or places to knit, let me know!

So the real news is a chicken update!  The girls are so big! And the coop is nearly done.  All we need to do is add hardware cloth to the windows, build the nestbox and roosts and paint!  I'm thinking it is all going to happen this weekend, which would be fabulous, because Merci has lost all her tailfeathers being cramped in the brooder.