Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Juice Day 2

I have made it through TWO WHOLE DAYS without food!  I'm pretty amazed at myself.  Honestly, it has been pretty easy.  I never would have believed it.  I've only had a few cravings, and the only time I really felt hungry was on the way home today.

Today's breakfast juice was divine.  Carrot Almond Orange Cinnamon.  It was so delicious, I would drink it anytime.  Then my lunch juice was meh.  It was another one with the dreaded celery: Spinach Celery Cucumber Apple Lemon.  It was better than last night's dinner, but still not my favorite.  This afternoon's juice was out-of-the-park my favorite.  Carrot Beet Apple Ginger.  It was like pure sugar and so so so tasty.  But I didn't feel full after that one.  It tasted great, but was less satisfying.  So by the time 7pm rolled around, I was REALLY ready for my Kale Cucumber Apple Lime juice.  Which I'm drinking right now.  It's okay, but very cucumbery.  I'm adding cucumber to my no-juice list:

  • Turnip Greens
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
Not a huge list, but I think it will make for better future juicing experiences.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eating grass

Today is Day 1 of my Strawberry Moon's A Little Bit Fruity juice fast.  I was inspired to try this by one of my knitting friends.  I'm hoping that taking a few days off from constantly thinking about what I'm eating next will help me to reset my eating habits.  Post-fast, I'm hoping to stick to a healthy low-calorie diet and lose some of this weight I've gained over the last 10 years.  Zach wants to lose a few pounds too, so I'm lucky enough to have his support.

So without further ado....

Day 1

Breakfast was delicious.  I had Carrot Pineapple Lime juice, and it was delightful. Less sweet than I expected, although I could say that about all the juices.  I'm definitely glad I went with the fruity fast, because I am definitely not ready for the hardcore veggie juices.

I'm normally a breakfast eater, so it was kind of hard to get myself out the door without eating anything.  In fact, I was so disorganized that I even forgot to take my morning vitamins!  I'm laying my clothes for tomorrow out in preparation of tomorrow's chaos.  I am very routine oriented, so changing up the start of my day is tough.

According to the schedule Zach laid out for me (juices evenly spaced throughout my waking hours), I was due for my 2nd juice at 11am.  I was totally fine until about 10:30, when suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about doughnuts.  Why doughnuts, I don't know, since I very rarely eat them (I even abstained during the last few weeks at work when everyone was bringing them in!).  I held out though, and drank my Spinach Celery Cucumber Apple Lemon juice.  I learned something right off the bat with that one: I HATE CELERY JUICE!  It just tastes like dirt.  But I gamely got it down, and wasn't at all hungry, even by the time 3pm rolled around and it was time for my 3rd juice.

Even though I wasn't really hungry, I was determined to stick to the schedule.  I am afraid that if I start getting hungry there will be no stopping me and the whole rest of the fast will be miserable.  Kind of like the idea of eating small meals throughout the day, I guess.  So at about 3:15, I cracked into my afternoon juice: Orange Almond Coconut.  Now, I really expected this one to be sweet.  Orange, afterall, is one of my favorite flavors, and it is sweet by nature.  But I was a little disappointed to find that the juice really just tasted like an almond milk/coconut water cross.  No hint of orange that I could detect.  It was still good, but would probably be more satisfying to someone who drinks milk regularly.

On the drive home from work, I felt satiated, but had a bad case of the munchies.  Maybe three days of fasting will help break the "I'm just eating because I need something to do" syndrome.

Finally, the culmination of a day of fasting, I thought for sure Juice #4 would be delicious.  But oh, my dear God, was I ever wrong.  Celery Cucumber Kale Spinach Parsley Apple Lemon Ginger was horrible.  Again, the celery flavor was overwhelming, and the only other flavor I could really taste was the parsley.  Although there was an afterburn from the ginger.  I suspect I would have found it more palatable without the celery.  I still wasn't hungry after this, but I desperately wanted to eat the rye crackers on the counter because I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth.

So. Day 1 is done and I'm getting ready for bed.  I still don't feel hungry, and I also don't feel as tired as I read I might be.  We'll see what happens tomorrow!