Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Juice Day 2

I have made it through TWO WHOLE DAYS without food!  I'm pretty amazed at myself.  Honestly, it has been pretty easy.  I never would have believed it.  I've only had a few cravings, and the only time I really felt hungry was on the way home today.

Today's breakfast juice was divine.  Carrot Almond Orange Cinnamon.  It was so delicious, I would drink it anytime.  Then my lunch juice was meh.  It was another one with the dreaded celery: Spinach Celery Cucumber Apple Lemon.  It was better than last night's dinner, but still not my favorite.  This afternoon's juice was out-of-the-park my favorite.  Carrot Beet Apple Ginger.  It was like pure sugar and so so so tasty.  But I didn't feel full after that one.  It tasted great, but was less satisfying.  So by the time 7pm rolled around, I was REALLY ready for my Kale Cucumber Apple Lime juice.  Which I'm drinking right now.  It's okay, but very cucumbery.  I'm adding cucumber to my no-juice list:

  • Turnip Greens
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
Not a huge list, but I think it will make for better future juicing experiences.

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