Friday, September 23, 2011

Something we should all try

Shamefully, it's been a month since I last checked in, but I came across something online today that I had to share: the 3/50 Project. Something we can all do to help ease the recession a bit.  The idea is that you pick three local stores - mom & pop type places - and spend $50 a month there. The statistics of how much of those funds remain in the local community compared to spending that same amount at a big corporate place is pretty impressive. I'm definitely doing this.  This month my three stores have been Yellow House Yarns, Renaissance Yarns, and Metropolitan Market. To be honest, I have spent way more than the suggested $50, so I'm really boosting my local economy!

I've also signed up to participate in a BzzCampaign to try out Green Mountain Coffee, which is a word-of-mouth marketing program, so I'm sure within the next month I'll have more to talk about.  And I also have to tell you about this excellent stuffed shells recipe I've made. Coming soon!

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