Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm so bad

I know I'm really not staying on top of this blog, but we have been eating delicious things this summer. Here's a quick one: Mashed Fava Beans on Toast.  I'd never had fava beans before, but I've always heard how great they are, especially since their season is so short.  They have an unusual, slightly bitter flavor that is delicious, and the texture is really creamy.  This isn't a recipe so much as sort of a technique. Use these basic ideas to create your own awesomeness.
Mashed Favas on Toast

Some fava beans (I used a pound of favas still in the pod from my CSA, which when shelled and peeled totalled a little less than a cup of beans)
Some garlic (I used three large cloves)
Some herbs (I used about two teaspoons of minced rosemary from my backyard)
Some olive oil (for the amount of beans I had, about 1/4 cup was good)

Put the ingredients above into a saute pan and cook until the garlic is browned and fragrant.  Add enough water to barely cover the beans, and continue cooking until the water is mostly evaporated.  Transfer the bean mixture to a bowl and mash most of the beans.  Toast some good quality french bread, or prepared crostini, and top with the bean mixture.  Dive in and enjoy the fresh goodness!  Bon appetit!

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