Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another gray day

Oh, the last few days have spoiled me.  It was so sunny and beautiful this weekend, and I really enjoyed getting out of the house and getting started on cleaning up the yard.  Plus the time with the chicks in the garden was delightful.  But today, and the rest of the week according to the forecast, we're getting back to early spring weather with gray skies and middling temperatures.

I had plans for today: make Portuguese Sweet Bread (done), start my Chocolate Milk Stout brewing (not done), do some weeding and pruning (a little done), and start my lasagna beds (not done).  Oh well.  I did accomplish a few things. Most notably the sweet bread, although it didn't turn out like I wanted, so I'm not giving you the recipe yet.  I finished my first batch of dairy kefir and started a new one.  And I found a volunteer position I'm considering applying for, depending on how Thursday's job interview goes.

Plus, I'm sticking with FlyLady's Baby Steps cleaning routine, and my kitchen sink is shiny!

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