Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunshine and grapefruits

WooWEE!  This month has been full of excitement.  Since the job offer I received (which I did end up accepting), Zach and I went to visit my little sister in California, I started work, and the chicken coop is more than half done!

First, a few highlights from our trip to SoCal: 

It was wonderful, and I feel like my sister and I are finally really relating as adults.  She is a wonderful woman with lots of big hopes and dreams, and I'm really lucky to call her my friend as well as my sister.

We got back from California Monday night and I started my new job Tuesday morning.  It's crazy, and the commute is so bad I've already started looking at home listings online, but the job itself and the people I work with seem great.  It will be really busy all the time, and they offer a lot of training and opportunities.

Today, Zach and his buddy moved the pieces of the chicken coop from the garage out to the back yard and put them together.  The framing is all done and the back wall is attached.  Sad to say, I forgot to take any pictures, but Zach will be working on it again tomorrow (assuming the skies don't open), so I'll get some shots then.  The girls are going to be so happy to get out of their brooder.  They are all fully feathered and it's getting crowded in there!

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